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Homeowners in Teton ID will be happy to know we are here for you whenever you are plagued with a pest problem. From rodents and spiders to roaches and bats, we will show up on time and bring our vast expertise to finally rid your Teton home of all types of critters.

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Owning a business in Teton Idaho means you always have to present a clean, safe shop or office to the public. If you let a pest infestation go, this can lead to costly fines, loss of reputation, and health risks to customers and employees. Entrust your Teton ID business to us.

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Don’t let those pests into your home or business in the first place! Prevention is the best approach. We can visit your Teton home or business and show you how to prevent them from getting in at all. Take advantage of our customized pest control maintenance plans in Teton ID.


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Our main concern here at Green Force is to help our clients eliminate a residential or commercial pest infestation. To inquire further about our services in Teton or to get a free, no obligation quote and consultation, get in touch with us today. We bring solutions to all your pest problems in Teton ID!

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We pride ourselves on getting to the root of the problem quickly. In most cases, you won’t need repeat visits because we get the job done the first time. If we do have to come back out, we will make sure you are satisfied. Get peace of mind with our flexible scheduling for pest control in Teton ID.


You need a solid maintenance plan for preventing future infestations from happening in the first place. Check out our monthly maintenance service in Teton for ongoing pest treatments for your home or business. We will help ensure that those pests stay away for a very long time. Ask about our discount on first service


Our Teton ID exterminators offer full-service pest removal for residential and commercial clients. You will love our flexible, customized plans that meet your unique needs and schedule, as we specialize in integrated pest management techniques in Teton ID that find the root cause.


Pest control doesn’t have to be expensive when you have us on your side. It can be tough to budget for pest control but with our competitive pricing throughout the Teton ID area, you get access to cost-effective services you can count on, head and shoulders above the competition.

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Green Force Pest Control, a locally owned and operated pest control, tree and lawn care solutions for more than 10 years. We offer complete residential and commercial pest and lawn care services throughout Teton and Idaho Falls areas. With us, you get eco-friendly products, customized service solutions, friendly pest technicians, and the best quality service.


Aaron was very responsive and did a very nice job taking down all the wasps nests. I was getting stung daily. Now I can go outside again
green force pest control rexburg, ID

Chastine W Teton, Idaho

Green Force - I always feel comfortable letting the kids play outside since we do have Green Force Pest Control. I am so glad we chose them to keep our family pest free!
green force pest control rexburg, ID

Kevin P CEO Rigby, Idaho

No more bugs!!! I always feel comfortable letting the kids play outside since we do have Green Force Pest Control. I am so glad we chose them to keep our family pest free!
green force pest control rexburg, ID

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